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JUUL Pods Alpine Berry Flavour

Original price was: €12.99.Current price is: €5.00.
Alpine Berry is a mix of sweet berries with a touch of cool menthol, a perfect all day vape. JUUL Pods are available in a variety of pre-filled e-liquids flavours allowing for it to be easily replaceable with no mess, simply remove the old pod and insert the new pod to continue vaping. Alpine Berry by JUUL is available in 18mg (1.8%) and contains 0.7ml of e-liquid with JUUL’s Patented Nicotine Salt formula for a smoother throat hit. Prominent Flavour(s): Mixed Berry, Cool Menthol

JUUL USB Charger Dock

A small and sleek design with no messy cables to recharge your JUUL device. Simply insert the USB Charger into any MAC, PC or USB Plug port and place your JUUL Device on the magnetic dock and wait an hour to fully charge your device. Once your device is on charge, a small LED light will slowly pulse to indicate charging.