Our Story

The eCig Store is a leading authority & Supplier of eCigarette Technology in Ireland. We run a physical store in the heart of Galway City & deliver all products nationwide. If you are in the area, please call to see us & we will talk you through the different products & e-liquids available and what is best suited to you. We also care for your kit so you get the most from it. We stock only the highest quality products at excellent value. If you are looking for a great quality eCigarette or eLiquid we are the people to talk to.

Our Philospohy

Here at the eCigarette store are passionate about the eCigarette technology and are are constantly researching and sourcing healthier alternatives to tobacco smoking.

eCigarette technology is ideal for people that want to enjoy the pleasure of smoking in a healthier and less expensive way. It is strongly advised not to start using an eCigarette if you are under the age of 18 years or if you are a non smoker.


Vaping and E-Cigarettes bring loads of fun in the form of one of the coolest ways to take in nicotine. Advantage of these electronic nicotine delivery systems is that they make giving up traditional cigarettes easier.  Hopefully, we’ve provided you with some basic information before you make your next step towards Vaping. If you have any other questions or concerns about Vaping, E-Cigarettes, E-Liquids or any other, feel free to contact us via phone (091 374063), or email ([email protected])