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Liqua Elements Tropical Bomb 10ml Liquid

This tropical blend will sweep the summer off your feet. A vape with a rich blend of tropical fruits, featuring guava, and fresh Georgia peaches. This tropic playtime in 10ml vape gives a smooth throat hit, a hit that is perfect for summertime. Sit back and enjoy this e-cigarette as the good times are about to roll.

Liqua Elements Traditional Tobacco 10ml Liquid

This vape has a distinctive taste of tobacco, complemented by a spicy yet sweet sandalwood fragrance. The aroma of sandalwood keeps things interesting. With a balanced ratio and a balanced flavour.  A great vape for those who love the combination of sweet and spicy.

Liqua Elements Bright Tobacco10ml Liquid

Excellent clean taste of Virginia tobacco with a woodsy spice and delicate aroma. For those of you who are tobacco