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Prohibition Vapes Purgatory 100ml

28.00 22.40
A malevolent blend of ghoulish grapes the darkest blood-red flesh squeezed from devilishly ripened oranges. You’ll shiver in “PURGATORY” as you find yourself lost between these two succulent fruits. Will you be left with a heavenly grape aftertaste or be left squirming from the sourest orange hell could summon.

Prohibition Vapes The Afterlife II 100ml

28.00 22.40
Once thought to be banished, a whole new combination has been summoned. Dozens of Grapefruit have been slashed and ripped apart in a frenzy and combined with a slash of cold fresh Cucumber for your terror. Whatever you do, don’t drool or you will be sent trembling into “The Afterlife”

Prohibition Vapes The Light 100ml

28.00 22.40
Once your coils have been possessed by this gruesome flavour they will be condemned. Never to be the same again. Cursed, crushed cranberries have been gnarled with the greenest limes to produce this creepy concoction. So proceed with caution and you just might be able to find you way past the light.