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Eternal Flame by Elda 50ml

Extraordinary taste of the flaky, tender pie braided over a filling of fresh raspberries and creamy cheese - a sweet treat you will not resist!

Honey Delight by Elda 50ml

A brilliant mixture of rich, aromatic sweet honey and smooth cream. This e-liquid is a must try for any honey lovers or fans of sweet liquids.

Melon Temptation by Elda 50ml

Smooth and sweet e-juice which will delight you! Tastes exactly like your biting into a juicy ripened cantaloupe with a perfect tropical hit of lychee.

Tea Buzzer by Elda 50ml

A refreshing taste of tea with a hint of smooth cream and fruity mango which adds fresh flavour!

Senses Peach Perfect 50ml

The clue is in the name, this peach and grapefruit creation reveals a relishing twist that revels on your lips. It’s Peach Perfect!

Senses Rhubellion 50ml

Rise up and rebel against the norm with this flavour revelation. Juicy apples go hand in hand with tart rhubarb for an assault on your taste buds.

Senses Grappleberry 50ml

Get to grips with the ultimate berry takeover as you’re presented with the sensation of succulently delicious grapes and berries that take hold of your tongue.

Fruit Monster Blackcurrant Squash 50ml

Simple yet refreshing Blackcurrant squash perfect for an all-day vape.