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The Muse – Siren E Liquid

A nice refreshing glass of lemonade! Although lemonade might be more refreshing than some other beverages, it can sometimes be a little bland. Good thing The Muse does not only give us lemonade, but it adds some raspberry flavor to make it more savory and pink. It sounds like Nicki Minaj stole Beyoncé’s Lemonade concept and added her favorite color. There’s an album name. In other news, Siren is introducing us this refreshing blend because it knows that many of us love to have this classic savory beverage, with a little extra flavoring. The first puff makes you taste all the poor lemons that were harmed for this e liquid to be made. They sure do taste sweet though. Then you get the taste of the raspberry that gives the lemonade a little tart or sour taste. It seems like the lemon ditched the lime and moved on to some other fruit. The lemons know that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Exhaling will make you approve of this lemon and raspberry relationship.