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eCig Store Nicotine Shot 10ml 18mg

Our signature nicotine shot that has been developed to the highest standards, with the highest quality ingredients.
  • Flavour: Flavourless
  • Bottle Size: 10ml TPD
  • VG/PG – 70/30
  • Nicotine Strength: 18mg

eCig Store Kanzi – Strawberry, Kiwi & Watermelon 25ml

The sweet strawberry taste makes up the base of the e-liquid, with hints of cooling watermelon and sharp kiwi to create a layered vape.

Go Dutch 50/50 Iceberg

Sweet frosty menthol with a hint of eucalyptus.

Go Dutch 50/50 Rozwell

Juicy peach perfectly combined with sweet pomegranate a hint of citrus and finished off with enticing kiwi.

Go Dutch 50/50 Forrest Fruits

Dark forrest fruits blended with a little added sugar for the extra sweet kick.

Go Dutch 50/50 Tropical Fizz

A treat comprised of lychee, exotic guava topped off with fizzy sherbert.

Go Dutch 50/50 Strawberry Milkshake

Ripe summer strawberry mixed with sweet marshmallows drizzled with extra strawberry sauce for a strawberry milkshake to die for.

Go Dutch 50/50 Frozen Grape

Grapes frozen in the antarctic tundra perfect for the lover of ice cold sweetness.

Go Dutch 50/50 Strawberry Lozenge

Perfect blend of sweet strawberries and eucalyptus finished off with a menthol blast.

Go Dutch 50/50 Double Custard

Clasic vanilla custard condensed and combined with even more vanilla custard for a delicate and creamy all-day vape.

Go Dutch 50/50 Cookie Nut

Classic chewy cookie incorporated with hazelnuts for extra sophistication.

eCig Store Blackcurrant Squash 25ml

Simple – yet truly refreshing blackcurrant squash is blended to make a perfect all day vape.

eCig Store Aniseed 25ml

Sweet and complex this velvety aniseed offers something very different to your regular fruit and desert type vapes.

eCig Store Amazon Crush 25ml

A delicate blend of the finest tropical fruits with a little added guava and lychee for a natural, sweet after tone.

eCig Store Cinnamon Bun 25ml

Soft, warm cinnamon bun topped with icing – all of the taste but without the calories.

eCig Store Cherry Lozenger 25ml

Rich black cherry touched with eucalyptus and the classic menthol blast for the classic lozenge kick.

eCig Store Blueberry Menthol 25ml

A beautiful blend of freshly picked blueberry’s mixed with menthol and a hint of aniseed. The freshest of all day vapes.