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Vampire Vape Pear Drops 10ml

Pear Drops is a candy inspired e-liquid encapsulating a fresh sweet pear and creamy banana blend. The sugar coated sweets have an indulgent yet refreshing taste which have been replicated well from the retro sweets. Bottle Size: 10ml FlavourPear, Banana

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California Dream Balls To The Wall 50ml

Balls To The Wall e liquid by California Dream. Take a serious bite out of this wild mouth watering mix of Kiwi, Watermelon & smooth Strawberry.

California Dream Barrel Bliss 50ml

Barrel Bliss e liquid by California Dream. Rolls on & off the taste buds. An astounding Mango, Sweet Pineapple & Papaya that will keep you rolling back for more.

California Dream Beach Bum 50ml

Beach Bum e liquid by California Dream. Sit back relax do and do nothing but enjoy this tropical combination of Cantaloupe, Mango & sweet Papaya.

California Dream Longboard Lemon

Long Board Lemon e liquid by California Dream. Grab your board for this wave of flavour blending an all day vape of fizzy Lemonade, Raspberry and Cantaloupe surely you will go all day with this one.

California Dream Eskimo Roll 50ml

Eskimo Roll e liquid by California Dream. Drift away into the warm sunset on wave of Anise, smooth Vanilla & Peppermint.

California Dream Suck Tuck & Duck 50ml

Suck Tuck & Duck e liquid by California Dream. Heads up, this combination of soft Buttercream, succulent Strawberry and Vanilla will take your taste buds on a wave of sensation.

California Dream Point Break 50ml

Point Break California Dream e liquid. Ride the wave of this delicious rich mix of Caramel drenched in smooth Marshmallow and Vanilla.

California Dream Surf Warrior 50ml

Surf Warrior e liquid by California Dream. No point fighting this one, just give in to its magnificent mix of Apple, tasty Pineapple & juicy Pear.

California Dream Wipe Out 50ml

Wipe Out e liquid by California Dream. Wipe those cares away with this funky mix of Cherry, smooth Strawberry & mouth tasty Watermelon.

California Dream Bomb 50ml

Bomb e liquid by California Dream. What can we say, this is the Bomb! Strawberry, Marshmallow & Vanilla. It dose not get much better than this mix. Bomb blows the taste buds.

Private Label Lime Cookie 50ml

A warm and freshly baked chewy cookie topped with sweet and sour Floridian key limes.

Private Label Double Custard 50ml

A super moreish and sweet homemade vanilla custard mixed in with an extra large helping of more custard! A true must have for custard lovers.

Private Label Strawberry Drizzle 50ml

Sweet strawberries and the fluffiest meringue break out into a gorgeously sticky marshmallow and strawberry sauce that’s perfect for those sweet dessert lovers.

Private Label Reserve 50ml

A warm and freshly graham cracker biscuit topped with bananas and double cream. Not forgetting the sweet notes of peanut butter, honey and hazelnuts of course. The king of biscuit flavours.

Private Label Cookie Nut 50ml

A warm and freshly baked chewy cookie flavour topped with gorgeously moreish hazelnuts ensuring you wont be able to put this flavour down.

Private Label Carrot Cake 50ml

A warm and freshly baked carrot cake topped with a sweet vanilla frosting.